Quadrant: Specified material for BMW Z4 underbody shielding and wheel arch lining

Underbody shielding manufactured by Takeo Automotive Systems and made of SymaLITE® from Quadrant Plastics Composites has now been specified for the BMW Z4 (Photo). The lightweight shielding covers a significant part of the car's underbody, resulting in an enhancement of its aerodynamics and a more comfortable, silent riding quality and better fuel efficiency.

The shielding is developed and manufactured by Takeo Automotive Systems GmbH, Diefurt, Germany, in close cooperation with Quadrant Plastic Composites on design support, tool development, processing line lay-out and the selection of new material grades based on OEM specifications.

The BMW Z4 SymaLITE shielding is made of a layered, sandwich-like core structure, providing excellent acoustic properties as well as a higher stiffness-to-weight ratio compared with injection moulded parts or other alternative material solutions. An acoustic fleece replaces a thin polymer film on the road-facing side and improves noise damping significantly. Moisture can penetrate the material, but is quickly released without affecting the functionality of the part, while the upper surface is closed and thus impermeable to water, petrol or oil.

The open cellular structure of SymaLITE provides excellent acoustic properties, reducing engine and gearbox noise and driving noise levels. Rolling noise is also highly absorbed which further reduces the interior noise level. In addition to superior noise absorption qualities, SymaLITE underbody shields and wheel arch liners are extremely tough and stiff and offer excellent resistance to aging, crack development, stone-chipping and material deformation.

The use of SymaLITE as a material for underbody shields began with BMW in 2003. The material is now being widely adopted by other OEM`s, including Porsche, Toyota and Audi.

More Information: www.quadrantcomposites.com, www.takeo-gmbh.de