Q&A with Fraunhofer ICT's Frank Henning, keynote speaker Lightweighting AutoPlastics 2012


Frank Henning is convinced that the pressure North America's car manufacturers are facing to build more efficient vehicles will force them to catch up and adopt many technologies that are already utilized in Europe today. "We will see highly automated composite manufacturing technologies in both of these markets," Henning said.

Q. Is the dramatic increase in CAFE standards (54.5MPG) by the U.S. government feasible? How does this compare to the EU?
A. From a pure technology standpoint - Yes, it is feasible. But nothing is feasible from today to tomorrow. Besides long enough time for realization, a strategy for technology development and funding for it is required. Technologies must be enabled and adapted for North America's car manufacturing industry - the automotive industry needs economically feasible technologies.

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