QATAR: QGPC to make polymer resin concrete pipes

"The Al Sulaiteen Group has been committed to Qatar's agricultural needs for a number of years and has developed an excellent reputation for innovation in Qatar. It is the spirit of innovation, which has driven the company to manufacture and supply products to the industrial sector through Qatar German Pipes Company, in order to meet the growing demands of the construction industry, particularly the infrastructure sector,” said the statement.

Polymer resin concrete pipes will be manufactured in Qatar at the manufacturing facilities at the New Industrial Area. The product has properties, which includes high crushing and compressive strengths and does not require any additional protection on the inside of the pipe, when used for foul sewer and storm water applications. The product has already proved successful in Europe, the US and Australia and initial indications suggest it will have a life expectancy in excess of 100 years.

The company recently held a seminar on pipe systems, and invited Dr Robert Stein, a partner in the consultancy company, S&P Consult GmbH, and a leading expert on pipe systems for many years.  Dr Stein is respected throughout the world for his knowledge and expertise in the subject.

In addition to Stein, the seminar was also attended by a number of other leading consultants, project owners, government agencies, consultants and contractors.

"We believe that polymer resin concrete technology has an important part to play in meeting the needful criteria”, said Abdulla Al Sulaiteen, Group Chairman.

He added: "Around the city of Doha, there is a slogan seen on many project sites - ‘Qatar Deserves the Best'. ‘Best' must surely be defined as a sustainable, reliable, dependable, long lasting ‘value for money' solution to the needs and challenges ahead. For this reason, we were pleased that Dr Stein accepted our invitation to visit Qatar and meet with so many distinguished experts and stakeholders, who are committed to the construction industry.”

Source: Daily "The Peninsula", Doha; 13 June 2013

(Syed Rashid Ali, Karachi, Pakistan)