Q2 shipments of plastics equipment total estimated $299.3 million


The U.S. plastics machinery market looked pretty strong for Q2.

Shipments of primary plastics equipment (injection molding, extrusion, blow molding and thermoforming equipment) for reporting companies totaled an estimated $299.3 million in Q2, according to the Committee on Equipment Statistics (CES) of SPI. This was slightly below the strong total of $300.3 million in Q1 of this year, but it represented a gain of 10% when compared with the total from Q2 of 2013. For the year to date, the total value of primary equipment shipments is 10% ahead of last year.

A closer look at the CES data show that the shipments value of injection molding machinery increased 9% in Q2 of 2014 when compared with the total from Q2 of last year. The shipments value of single-screw extruders slipped 2%, but the value of shipments of twin-screw extruders (which includes both co-rotating and counter-rotating machines) jumped 63 percent. The shipments value for blowmolding machines edged down 2% in Q2.

The CES also compiles data on the auxiliary equipment segment (robotics, temperature control, materials handling, etc.) of the plastics machinery industry. New bookings of auxiliary equipment for reporting companies totaled a recordbreaking $108.0 million in Q2. This represented a spike upward of 21% when compared with the total from Q2 of 2013.
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