Purging compound provider promises cheaper shipping


Sun Plastech Inc. (Parsippany, NJ), manufacturer of ASACLEAN purging compound has announced that a recent acquisition made by Japanese parent company, Asahi Kasei Group, will help the company offer ASACLEAN customers an average of 36% savings on their UPS pre-pay shipping costs, with savings in some cases as high as 52%.

Sun Plastech Inc. stated that the savings are a result of economies of scale, with Asahi Kasei enjoying a bulk discount from the global shipping company. "As a customer service-oriented company, Sun Plastech is passing along these savings to its ASACLEAN customers, which is great news when considering the current increases in fuel costs and shipping surcharges," the company stated in a release.

Established in 1996, Sun Plastech serves thermoplastic injection molders and extruders across North and South America, with the technology and resource backing of its parent company, Asahi Kasei Chemicals, which is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified....
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