Purging compound for clean color- and material changes in the processing of thermoplastics

[image_0] The new, highly-efficient purging compound has been specifically developed for the cleaning of screws, cylinders, nozzles and hotrunner systems of injection molding machines for parts made of polyolefin. According to FDA regulations, all components of Lusin Clean 1060 are permitted for use in applications where a direct contact with food can not be excluded. The formulation of Lusin Clean 1060 is in compliance with European Plastics Regulation 10/2011.

"With the development of Lusin Clean 1060, Chem-Trend once again offers a new, tailored solution for a highly specialised application,” notes Chem-Trend global business development director for thermoplastics René Gräwe. "For many years now, Chem-Trend has been a partner that thermoplastics manufacturers can count on. Together with our customers, we are successfully meeting increasingly stringent quality, environmental and process efficiency requirements of industry. This is of particular importance in a highly sensitive area such as the food processing sector.”

Chem-Trend says Lusin Clean 1060 rapidly and thoroughly removes residue from injection molding machines and is therefore particularly suitable for frequent color or material changes. In addition, the purging compound removes black spots, carbon residue and cracked materials. The ready-to-use purging compound consists of high grade plastics with high-efficient cleaning additives. Lusin Clean 1060 can be used at processing temperatures up to 290 °C.