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Pure Silicones for Better Health Care

Valves made from silicone elastomers are regularly used to meter out liquids in medical applications because they deliver highly accurate doses, are biocompatible and are very easy to sterilize. However, the valve slits can chemically reconnect ("heal") during radiation sterilization and cause the valve to fail. Until now, such failure was prevented by using release agents. SILPURAN® 6610/40-80 eliminates the need for these. The liquid silicone rubber is specially formulated to prevent the slit from closing over. This enables silicone valves to be made much faster, cleaner and more cost-effectively – even under high radiation levels.

ELASTOSIL® LR 3040/30-50 and ELASTOSIL® R plus 4020/40-50 actually meet two contradictory demands required by baby and infant articles: the need for extremely soft, yet bite-resistant, rugged silicone products. Both products feature high tear strength after curing. Consequently, ELASTOSIL® LR 3040/30-50 and ELASTOSIL® R plus 4020/40-50 are eminently suitable for baby bottle nipples and pacifiers and can withstand chewing by children's baby teeth. Both products can be injection molded, offer very good mechanical properties, are compatible with foodstuffs and satisfy international legal provisions.