Propshaft boot with splash protection

The new propshaft boot with integrated splash protection from ContiTech Vibration Control protects the bearings of the propshaft. The small system can be delivered preassembled, in individual parts, and also with clamps. It is secured over the greased propshaft joint on both sides with clamps.

The boots from ContiTech not only protect from water and dirt, they also have an exceptionally long service life, says the company. They are made of two different materials, depending on what is required: boots made of TPU are characterised by their good abrasion resistance. On the other hand, TPE, as a heat resistant and high quality material, is used when ambient conditions are harsh. Propshaft boots, which are mounted close to the catalytic converter, are subjected to high temperatures and are thus made of TPEs.

The propshaft boots can withstand low temperatures down to -40 °C, permanent heat exposures of up to 130 °C and peak temperatures of 140 °C. The corresponding splash protection disc can be made of fibreglass reinforced polyamide for preassembly. Beside its strength, another clear advantage of the polyamide is its low weight - a component weighs about 50 % less than comparable components made of aluminium.