Projectile injection molding: New details from Röchling on innovative molding technique


The projectile injection molding technology (PIT) developed by Röchling Automotive has been recognized and awarded by Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) already for its use on parts made for BMW and Ford. Now the company is offering additional details on the process, especially regarding the size, complexity and performance of the co-injection molded seal, which replaces an extruded one attached in a secondary process.

We've reported on PIT before, including on Röchling's victory last year at the Society of Plastics Engineers' Automotive Innovation Awards. Röchling (Mannheim) won for its work in molding a cowl grill for Ford's C-Max compact car that combined a hard polypropylene (PP) structure with a soft thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) seal into one part. The TPE portion, which creates a tight seal for the hood when closed, making for a quieter ride and reducing flutter, includes a channel running down its length with uniform wall thickness all around. The part took home the top prize in the body exterior category...
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