Omsktechuglerod OOO

Production increase in 2012

Omsk Carbon Group
In 2012 Omsk Carbon Group increased the output of carbon black to 307 thousand tones (growth of 1.3% compared to 2011). In Volgograd the increase of the production volumes amounted 17,7 %, at the Omsk production site there was a decrease by 3,9 %.

At Omsk production site there was produced 221,192 thousand tones of carbon black, including packed 80,680 thousand tones.
Volgograd production site reached the production volumes of 85,927 thousand tones of carbon black, including packed 36,322 thousand tones.

With this almost 70 % of volume in the structure of the company’s sales is the production which goes for export. The company has broadened the range of its products. To 18 carbon black grades there was added 16 special grades of OMCARB™ lines, among them – specialty tire, conductive, pigment, high-purity lines. Detailed specifications and their scopes of application are posted in a special section “OMCARB™-series” at the official site of the company at http://omskcarbongroup.com.

The customers of OOO “Omsktechuglerod” production on the domestic market are such major companies as Nokian Tyres, Michelin Russian company on tire production, Kordiant, Altay Tire Combinat, Balakovorezinotechnika, Ural ZRTI. Among foreign partners there remain Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Nokian Tyres, Continental, Pirelli, Belshina and others.