Product Watch: W. Amsler offers new leak tester, CoreTech 's pull-on chuck automates loading of cores


Stretch blowmolding machine manufacturer W. Amsler Equipment Inc. has extended its line of leak testers with its introduction of a flying head design that it says provides high output, flexibility, and tool-free changeovers. The new five-head linear unit, which can process up to 250 bottles/min, can be used for verifying the quality of plastic containers sized up to 2-L.

The five heads travel with the bottles along the conveyor in an enclosed system. Servomotors are used instead of an indexing conveyor or stationary heads to control the traveling heads. The servomotors move the heads more quickly, speeding up overall operation.

According to Amsler (Richmond, ON, Canada), the new system is smaller and more flexible than competitive linear and rotary machines. The leak tester uses low-pressure air to detect holes as small as 0.006-in diameter. It also detects fallen bottles, choked necks, and blocked necks. Extra heads can be added to the unit to increase speed and productivity....
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