Product Watch: Injection molding tools of the trade


In this iteration of Product Watch we look at a new range of bushings from Hasco, Sulzer's new mixing nozzle for residence time-critical plastics, and a new tool to help processors measure color on their parts.

Hasco's new linear ball-bearing bushing range, dubbed Z13/, are designed primarily for the guiding of ejector plates in injection molds but also work in compression molds and diecasting molds, and for the guiding of mold plate assemblies. They are said to offer solid load-bearing capacity and unlimited stroke lengths without any movement of the cage. The guide ball bearings roll continuously in the rotating ball tracks, helping to eliminate the possibility of denting the guide pillar.

The bushings are easily installed in H7 drill holes. There is no stroke restriction due to the construction of the ball cages. The linear ball-bearing bushes can withstand operating temperatures of 180°C....
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