Product Watch: Hot runners for automotive lighting, and presses old and new


In this issue of Product Watch, our look at products and machinery of use to plastics processors, we focus on Synventive's new line of hot runner systems specifically designed for automotive lighting applications, and a move by processing machinery manufacturer Wabash into sales of used and reconditioned presses.

The automotive industry's injection molders have long been very important for Synventive, based in Peabody, MA. Now the company has introduced a line of hot runner systems for automotive lighting such as the lenses used on the front and rear exterior of vehicles.

These new valve gate systems feature threaded (screwed-in) nozzles (Synventive's 12E/16E/22E models, depending on the application) with pneumatic cylinders. Threaded nozzles eliminates the need for support/center rings at the nozzle head area, says Synventive, therefore preventing any heat release where the melt changes direction from runner to nozzle....
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