Product Watch: DME Molding Supplies, SAS Automation and Slide Products


This edition of Product Watch, our report on new equipment and supplies for plastics processors, is focused on injection molders' needs. DME Molding Supplies has introduced new kit to help remove and prevent precipitate in cooling water, SAS Automation has extended its EOAT range and Slide Products is proud to be the first manufacturer of molding processing aids to completely eliminate chlorinated solvents from its entire product range.

DME Molding Supplies (Madison Heights, MI) says its new line of digital scale control systems will help molders bid "Adieu" to lime and calcium scale buildup in injection molding cooling systems. According to the supplier, the new systems help remove and even prevent scale-forming precipitate in cooling water.

The digital scale control system's computer program creates a complex group of frequencies that are amplified and driven into a coil surrounding the cooling water pipe. By breaking down hard calcite, the system improves thermal transfer while also reducing fuel consumption and extending the life of components. The systems are available in seven sizes for pipe diameters ranging from 1 inch to 12 inches. Systems for 1- and 2-inch pipes are in stock and ready to ship. The remaining five systems can be custom ordered with a 3-week lead time.
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