Product Watch: Conair, Davis-Standard, Hasco


Injection molders stand to benefit from new products recently introduced including temperature control units from Conair and a Universal needle valve unit from Hasco. Extrusion systems manufacturer Davis-Standard, meanwhile, reports on a customer pleased with its HDPE recycling systems.

Conair is introducing two new mold temperature control units (TCUs). The TW-HT Series TCUs use superheated water instead of hot oil to achieve mold temperatures as high as 392°F (200°C). The TW-ALT temperature control unit sends sequential bursts of hot and then cold water through a mold to help reduce cycle times and improve quality and surface finish in injection molded parts. This sort of pulsed heating/cooling of a mold often makes sense when a mold is made of high-thermal-conductivity steel and includes contoured cooling channels.

First, here are the goods on the TW-HT Series TCUs, Conair's new alternative to oil-circulating TCUs for processors of high-temperature thermoplastics. The unit can circulate water at temperatures up to 392°F (200°C). Compared to oil, superheated water offers higher specific-heat capacity, better thermal conductivity and a heat-transfer coefficient that is more than double oil's, notes the manufacturer....
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