Procter & Gamble talks zero manufacturing waste


"What if waste...isn't waste?"

That question inspired the company behind the consumer brands including Gillette, Tide and Pampers to embark on an extensive zero manufacturing waste goal.

Waste is usually disposed of in four ways: recycling, compost, incineration or landfill. Forbes McDougall, global wastestreams leader at Procter & Gamble (P&G), told PlasticsToday that the first three give value to the waste, and the last results in loss for both the company and environment.

"At P&G, our goal is to find value in all of our waste, so we focus on recycling, reuse and converting waste to energy," McDougall said. "The types of waste we are challenged with are just as diverse as our product portfolio, so some of it can't be recycled through traditional methods. But we're committed to finding worth in waste, so we've gotten creative and formed innovative partnerships that turn waste into things like bricks, soil treatment and soles for low-cost shoes - we call this 'beneficial reuse.'"...
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