Processor melds thermosets with thermoplastics in co-ex medical tubing development


Plastics processor PolyMedex Discovery Group has developed a means to co-extrude multilayer tubing that merges the best characteristics of thermoset polyimide with those of thermoplastic elastomers. For PolyMedex's customers, the primary value of the new tubing is the ability to utilize the benefits of thermoset polyimide, while mitigating its limitations.

PolyMedex (Putnam, CT) specializes in extrusions for use in minimally invasive medical devices and in drug delivery systems. For its latest trick, the company developed its own extrusion process to enable it to custom process multi-layer tubing of the two materials. The development, aimed at medical applications requiring a combination of high performance and manufacturability, brings together the high strength and tight tolerances of thermoset polyimide with material options and configurations available in TPEs. ...
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