Processor inks agreement to guarantee carbon fiber supply


Carbon fiber supply agreements aren't just for German carmakers. Composite plastics processor TenCate Advanced Composites has signed a five-year supply agreement with Toray Industries to guarantee the processor's supply of carbon fiber.

The reference is to BMW and Daimler, both of which have signed agreements to guarantee their own supply of carbon fiber. Daimler's agreement also is with Toray, to develop and mold carbon fiber reinforced plastic parts, while BMW formed a new business with SGL Carbon to build a carbon fiber plant in the U.S.

TenCate and Toray Industries Inc. (Tokyo, Japan) have signed an agreement for the supply of carbon fibers to TenCate for the production of its thermoplastic Cetex RTL semi-finished composites. TenCate (Almelo, the Netherlands) needs the guaranteed supply to help meet it demand for carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic prepreg parts in the aerospace industry, it says. In the near future, predicts the processor, its composite materials and parts could also be used for automotive applications, though those likely would have a thermoplastic matrix....
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