Prius gets greener with bio-based dashboard component


Toyota's new hybrid vehicle, Prius α, features automotive interior parts made of DuPont Sorona EP polytrimethylene terephthalate polymer, a high-performance, renewably-sourced thermoplastic resin with performance and processability similar to petroleum-based polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), contributing to the advanced interior design of the vehicle while also reducing the environmental footprint.

Developed in close collaboration with DuPont Kabushiki Kaisha (Tokyo), Toyota Motor Corporation (Aichi), Kojima Press Industry Co. (Aichi) and Howa Plastics Co. (Aichi), the parts are used on the instrument-panel air-conditioning system outlet. Sorona EP was selected for this precisely engineered, functional component for its heat resistance and durability required to control the intensity and direction of the air blowing out of the outlet....
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