Portola Packaging reduces energy by almost 20%


Contributing to the energy conservation efforts at Portola Packaging were more than 20 different initiatives across all of its North America plants, which included wastewater management and improved air compressor optimization.

In addition, the company credits the energy reduction to the replacement of poor efficiency equipment.

Roy Robinson, VP strategic marketing for Portola, told PlasticsToday the company continues to invest in new compression molding equipment such as twist-on/twist-off tamper-evident (TE) closures.

"This newer style of TE closure is preferred by consumers because it adds functionality," he said. "The closure can easily be screwed back onto the bottle and spills can be averted. This is not the case with injection molded TE snap caps."

Robinson said Portola's conservation goals began with "responsible" manufacturing.

"Responsible manufacturing means that the upstream processes utilize material in the most efficient way possible so that there is less need to recycle on the back end," he said. "At Portola, we have closed loop-manufacturing systems. For example, our raw material is never touched by human hands from rail car to product manufacturing."...
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