Portable x-ray producer reshores molding as output surges


The producer of an award-winning portable dental x-ray device has moved all injection molding to the United States from China to improve communications as it rapidly expands output.

"We had started out molding off shore in China, but due to the logistics, communication concerns and the time delay to respond to mold changes or repairs, we have moved all molding to the U.S. for convenience to meet deadlines and eliminate the shipping cost of overseas operations," Gar Hendry, manufacturing engineering manager for Aribex (Orem, UT), told PlasticsToday.

Aribex makes the NOMAD Pro handheld x-ray system that can be used in or out of a dental office. The rechargeable device is about the size of a battery-operated power drill. In a big advance, it is internally shielded so that a technician can take x-rays while standing or sitting next to the patient.
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