Polyurethane technology that cuts refrigerator energy use named Best of the Best


The project ENERG-ICE was selected as one of the six 2013 "Best of the Best" Environment and Information projects within the LIFE Environmental Program of the European Commission.

The ENERG-ICE project was led by the Dow Polyurethanes R&D team in Italy in partnership with Cannon Group companies, Afros and Crios, as well as Federchimica, and co-funded by the European Community.

The ENERG-ICE project focused on reducing the environmental impact of energy-using products, such as cold appliances. The project showcased an innovative polyurethane foaming technology for manufacturing the insulation cold appliances using cyclopentane as a blowing agent.

"The overall energy-saving objectives of the project were clearly demonstrated," said Vanni Parenti, Dow project leader. "This technology offers up to 10% in energy savings compared to the best-in-class appliances available today, which are A+ and A++ labeled, with a more sustainable process, offering a 10% carbon footprint reduction as certified by the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology."
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