Polyshot to sell metal-injection-molded mold cavities in North America


Hot runner supplier Polyshot Corp. will be the exclusive North American distributor of mold cavities molded from powdered metal using an injection molding process developed by Plasel Mold of Lavon, Israel. Tolerances to 15-µm can be achieved.

Polyshot's president Doug Hepler calls this "game-changing technology for the moldmaking industry," adding that the technology delivers higher repeatability and precision that conventional metal working processes. The initial marketing targets are high-cavitation molds, usually 32 or more cavities, typically for medical and consumer products, says Hepler..

Polyshot says Plasel's process allows PMT (powdered metal technology) duplication from a master mold, which guarantees that all cavities are precisely the same regardless of volume or date of manufacture. It adds that tolerances up to 15 microns can be achieved, depending on cavity size and configuration....
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