Polymer implant helps bone injuries heal faster


A polymer membrane implant that speeds bone healing is headed soon to a human clinical trial.

A new animal study indicates that healing time is about 40% faster for the new product from a company called RegeneCure compared to current methods used to facilitate bone regeneration and healing. They typically involve autografts, bone transplantation from the patient's body, or use of bone graft substitutes to fill the fractured gap.

"The healing time for animals treated in the participating clinical study sites with injuries that normally take from five to twelve months was in many cases reduced to just eight weeks," said Dr. Michal Limor, VP Medical Affairs of RegeneCure (Jerusalem, Israel)).

The multi-center trial was conducted at veterinary clinics in England, Germany and Israel. The study included 35 mature dogs and cats with different bone fractures including delayed healing and non-union conditions....

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