Polymer building materials make gains despite builder reluctance


Covering the International Builders' Show is always interesting. I've seen how plastics in building materials and applications have evolved over the past decade and become more prevalent since the days when vinyl siding was about all you could find it came to building products. Even then, vinyl siding was something equated with mobile homes, not something that someone building an "upscale" home would choose, despite its advantages.

It seems that one thing that hasn't changed is the reluctance of builders to use many of these alternative building materials and products. Talking to people from the companies that make vinyl siding, injection molded siding and roofing, even something as mainstream as decking and railing, which have been around for at least 20 years when Trex introduced the first WPC decking product, reveals that there's still reluctance on the part of builders to use alternatives to traditional building products.
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