Polymax introduces new materials for wire and cable

Polymax has developed low smoke, halogen-free, flame-retardant Maxelast TPE grades for wire and cable applications.The low smoke, zero halogen, flame-retardant TPEs are sold as Maxelast FH7990U and FH7990V to meet UL 62/1581 VW-1 or VDE H03Z1Z1/HO5Z1Z1 specifications, respectively. The compounds are offered in Shore A hardness grades of 87 or 85.

Polymax underlines that its new low smoke TPEs do not crack at 150 °C (302 °F), they are said to have very good ageing resistance, good melt strength and result in rugged jackets for wire and cable with a smooth surface. The material can be easily processed.

Dr. Y. Martin Lu, Polymax VP, introduced these new materials at the SPE TPE TopCon 2010 conference in September (see also p. 234 of this issue)