Polycarbonate glazing makes for lighter vehicle


At the Geneva Motor Show (March 7-17), Volkswagen plans to present its XL1 plug-in hybrid vehicle with some of the world's most innovative automotive lightweighting solutions, including polycarbonate (PC) side windows with Exatec plasma coating technology from Sabic. This makes the Volkswagen XL1 the first vehicle to feature this advanced plasma coating technology on two-component (2K) injection molded PC windows.

Use of Lexan PC window glazing with Sabic's coating technologies reportedly reduces weight in those applications by 33% vs. conventional glass solutions, while delivering a high-quality optical appearance and scratch-resistant surface. Use of Sabic's PC glazing solutions in the XL1's side windows is said to demonstrate the feasibility of plasma coating technology for serial vehicles, while underscoring Volkswagen's pioneering leadership in the use of lightweight, innovative materials to improve vehicle performance. The use of PC glazing proves to be practical for energy-efficient vehicles by enabling a substantial weight reduction, while meeting styling and functional requirements at a high level of quality....
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