Polycarbonate copolymers enable aircraft-compliant sheet extrusion down to 1.5 mm; grades injection moldable and halogen-free


Sabic Innovative Plastics has unveiled two new grades of Lexan CFR polycarbonate (PC) copolymers that will help aircraft OEMs, designers, and manufacturers realize new weight-out strategies while meeting the industry's strict regulatory demands at the Aircraft Interiors Expo running April 9-11 in Hamburg, Germany. These compliant materials reportedly enable processors to produce parts with thinner walls, which help reduce interior weight of an aircraft.

"These materials represent a major step forward in thin-wall designs for aircraft interiors," says Kim Choate, Global Mass Transportation Leader, Innovative Plastics. "They can help meet the challenges manufacturers are having with traditional materials, particularly transparent resins that do not support regulatory compliance at thinner gauges. Our Lexan CFR copolymers, however, meet the most stringent FST standards while opening up entirely new opportunities to reduce weight and conserve space in a wide array of interior applications."

The PC copolymers give customers the ability to mold or extrude parts with very thin walls (down to 1.5 mm) while complying with leading flame, smoke and toxicity (FST) standards with halogen-free flame retardant technology to support sustainability. Lexan CFR5630 copolymer, available in transparent and opaque formulations, is a material of choice for lenses, light rails and seating components, while Lexan CFR5630D copolymer, the diffusion grade, is aimed at light-emitting diode (LED) lighting applications ...

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