Poland, China welcome new PVC slush-molding powder facilities


New capacity for PVC slush-molding powders installed in Poland and China by compounder PolyOne (Cleveland, OH) targets long-term growth forecast for automobile industries in these countries. Despite increasing restrictions on car ownership, Chinese passenger and commercial vehicle production grew by 4.6% to 19,271,808 vehicles in 2012 according to the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA), although Polish production plummetted by 22.7% to 647,803 unit due to the Eurozone Crisis.

PolyOne is expanding capacity for Geon VBX Series vinyl powder solutions. Both the China and Europe facilities will reach full-scale production in Q3 of 2013.

The new capacity supports the continued globalization of automotive OEMs and their suppliers. Robert Rosenau, president, PolyOne Performance Products and Solutions, stated, "This investment is consistent with the automotive industry's desire to work with global suppliers able to offer local production capability. It is also consistent with the PolyOne strategy to offer specialized polymer and service solutions globally. We are optimistic about the prospects for growth in the automotive segment, and are developing a pipeline of innovations targeting this important industry."

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