Plug & Inspect: 100% surface inspection

Integrate… plug… inspect… with Plug & Inspect:

Flexible package solution for automated
quality control of nonwovens and film

Plug & Inspect: 100% surface inspection
for rapid and easy DIY integration

Premiering at K Trade Fair: ISRA VISION introduces Plug & Inspect. The new ready-to-use product makes it considerably easier to install and integrate surface inspection solutions for plastics in systems and processes. Customers may now independently put a complete inspection system into operation, without any expert knowledge. Only a few steps are required to achieve reliable identification and classification of surface defects on nonwovens and film (transparent and translucent) - Plug & Inspect rapidly provides for more flexibility and higher productivity in production.

In times of increased pressure and demanding clients, quality control by means of optical in-line inspection systems has become increasingly crucial for nonwovens and plastic film producers. Complex installation and time-consuming commissioning procedures of appropriate systems frequently represented an obstacle for implementation. Plug & Inspect overcomes this hurdle: The smart concept simplifies integration into production lines by allowing customers to handle installation on their own and start up the system within a short amount of time.

By introducing Plug & Inspect, ISRA provides a package including the components of efficient surface inspection technology. The scope of supplies includes the camera beam, the illumination module and the specially developed software. The intuitive system design is operational on any PC, laptop or tablet, allowing for system integration on almost any machine, web run, and system. It can even be used in existing environments where space is limited due to its compact construction.

The fact that users may operate Plug & Inspect within a very short time means that they will also benefit from it rapidly. Defects on nonwoven and film surfaces, including gels, insects, pits and holes, are continuously identified and classified. This allows for the delivery of proven perfect product quality resulting in the reduction of customer complaints. Production parameters may be optimized based on information on typical defects and their cause as recorded by the system; this leads to more efficiency in production overall. In addition, perfectly adjusted machines are the basis for high availability and downtime minimization.

Conclusion: By "Plug & Inspect", manufacturers of nonwovens and film obtain rapid and easy access to 100% surface inspection. They are no longer dependent on experts in order to increase the quality and efficiency of their systems. As a result, optical in-line inspection has become an option for enterprises who previously could make no bid for cost reasons. The amortization time is remarkably short.