Plastics, tungsten compound offers solution to lead bans in medical


Government regulations on lead and other hazardous substances in various electronic and electrical equipment are forcing medical device OEMs and others to find suitable substitutes for parts that have been manufactured from lead and other restricted materials, with plastics coming to the rescue.

Dielectric Corp. (Menomonee Falls, WI), a fabricator of thermosets, thermoplastics, and various metals, now offers a material alternative to those being restricted by government regulations: poly-tungsten thermoplastic. This material can be machined and fabricated in a variety of configurations, and has the density of traditional metals without the safety issues associated with lead, according to the Company.

Poly-tungsten is more durable than other lead substitutes and offers equal or better radiation-shielding capabilities in electronic and electrical products. Because it is malleable, poly-tungsten offers increased design flexibility and the opportunity to create molded parts in lieu of multi-part assemblies....
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