Plastics recyclers find way to economically recycle even the most contaminated plastics


Plastics recyclers face a multitude of tough challenges. Getting access to a sufficient supply of potential recyclable plastic is one of the biggest, and even when they find material it often is so contaminated that it cannot be economically recycled. There is plenty of work ongoing to help recyclers tackle this challenge, fortunately, to include work we've reported on for recycling of heavily printed films.

More recently, two plastics recyclers in North America, ABC Polymers and KW Plastics, have had success recycling even highly contaminated plastic scrap without substantial losses in economy and productivity. In this case, both companies credit their investment in a Fimic continuous self-cleaning screen changer, supplied by ADG Solutions (Fairfield, CT).

Extrusion industry veteran Sandy Guthrie founded ADG Solutions last year. Depending on the equipment system, ADG Solutions serves as a distributor, importer, or manufacturer. Guthrie started in plastics in 1978 with a sales position at Sterling Extruder, which had been founded by his father. Until December 2010 he was a business director at the Merritt Extruder business unit of Davis-Standard.
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