Plastics reclaim machinery specialist is Rapid-ly filling its orders book


This May, Rapid Granulator is exhibiting at three shows, one each in Brazil, China, and Poland, which makes clear the company is keen to continue the expansion of its global customer base. Bengt Rimark, the granulator manufacturer's director of sales and marketing, said the company (Brebaryd, Sweden) has bounced back strongly in the past 18 months after hitting a low-note and being forced to reorganize in 2009. "The reorganization was a hard time but now we feel zero effects from it; we're back to business as normal, we're more flexible, we've improved every facet of our production and of our sales organization. And we're investing heavily in R&D again," he added, noting, "It's in the details where you can separate yourself from the pack." He wouldn't share exactly where that R&D money is being spent, but asked processors to keep an eye out for some new technology coming soon.

Rimark was kind enough to answer our call while on a skiing vacation with his family, a welcome respite (we did apologize profusely for the call) after what has been a very busy time in Rapid's history. Since last fall's K show, business has truly accelerated, said Rimark. "It was fantastic activity at the show, and investment (by customers in new machines. We're still filling orders from that show. But not only from the K show; we're seeing increase demand overall."...
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