Plastics processor, bioplastics supplier win right to bear BioPreferred labels


Plastics procesor ClearLamand plastics supplier NatureWorks are among the first companies whose products can bear the BioPreferred label. On March 31, Deputy Agriculture Secretary Kathleen Merrigan of the U.S. Department of Agriculture unveiled the first 60 products authorized to bear the new USDA BioPreferred product label.

The label designates products that are composed wholly or significantly of renewable plant, animal, marine or forestry materials, and signals that the products have been independently certified to meet USDA BioPreferred program standards for biobased content. "When consumers see the BioPreferred label in a store, they'll know that the product or its packaging is made from renewable plant, animal, marine, or forestry materials," explained Deputy Secretary Merrigan. Added Steve Davies, marketing and PR director at NatureWorks, "The launch of this USDA label also begins what we see as a firm move toward bio-based content --- as the expectation, rather than the exception."...
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