Plastics packaging: Priced to sell, a new OTR testing system


A new device for testing the oxygen transmission rate of plastic film or packaging is priced to enable processors to take charge of their own testing, even bringing it in-house rather than outsourcing it. The manufacturer's president describes his company's new product as "the Ford 150 truck of the permeation industry—we do the jobs that need to be done, and we do them well for a long time and at an affordable cost."

The company is OxySense (Dallas, TX) and its new product is the second generation of its OxyPerm permeation system. Peter Gerard, the company's president explains that the OxyPerm System consists of the company's OxySense 5000 instrument with the OxyPerm Software Suite and the OxySense Permeation Chambers.

The base price for the OxySense 5000 with the OxyPerm Software Suite is $12,750, the price for the Oxysense Permeation Chambers is $1750 each, and the recommended accessories, which would enable the user to perform permeations test on bottles and finished flex packs, as well as all the other oxygen measurement test typical to a packaging lab (such as head space analysis, shelf life studies, dissolved oxygen studies) would add another $1500. In addition, with the OxyPerm System the user can test perforated films, a test that cannot be done with conventional electro-chemical cell permeation systems....
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