Plastics packaging: M&H adds photo-realistic imagery to tube processing


More than two years of development work are paying off at plastics packaging processor M&H. The company now is able to offer its customers, many of them suppliers of cosmetics or personal care products, plastic tubes printed with photo-realistic imagery.

For the processor, as well as its customers, the printing technology offers three main benefits: the quality of the image is improved, no labels are needed, and recycling is eased (as there is no label). Plastic tubes often are decorated with dry offset printing rather than labels, but the quality of the graphics is limited.

The two photos illustrate the quality of the image generated on M&H's tubes. One photo (top) shows black tubes with photographs of a woman's face printed directly onto them, and the other tubes with a fabric-look label. The 'Miss N' Next range of products with the fabric-look label was launched late last year.
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