Plastics packaging: L’Oréal taps Plasticum for custom CLUBE tubes


The global beauty care brand owner has bought a mold and installed it at Dutch processor Plasticum, which is using the tool to supply L'Oréal with bi-material injection molded plastic tubes that beat extruded ones for design and novelty.

Injection molder Plasticum (Tilburg, The Netherlands) has developed a customized CLUBE exclusively for L'Oréal. CLUBE is the name that Plasticum gives to a packaging technology it introduced under that name at the K show in Germany last fall. The roots of this type of injection molded tube, however, stretch back to at least 2007 when an Australian company, Zestron, licensed its technology for injection molding of tubes to Plasticum in Europe, and to Yorker Packaging in the U.S.

In 2004 Zestron and injection moldmaker Otto Hofstetter AG (Uznach, Switzerland) formed an alliance to develop commercial tooling for Zestron tube production, and one year later Zestron formed an alliance with Waldorf Technik (Engen, Germany), with Waldorf offering in-mold labeling systems for Zestron tubes. Here you can read our initial coverage of the Zestron technology for injection molding of plastic tubes in this article....
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