Plastics manufacturing event in Florida reveals sunny future


Despite the fact that nothing seems to get done in Washington, D.C., the plastics industry in the state of Florida is thriving. And those in the industry plan to keep it that way. Maruka USA, the exclusive North American distributor of Toyo and FCS injection molding systems, will celebrate the grand opening of their new Technical Center in Largo, Florida by hosting a roundtable discussion between legislators and business leaders on the future of the state's plastics manufacturing industry.

The event - the Future of Florida Plastics Manufacturing - will be held Thursday, May 29, at Maruka's new Technical Center. The event will cover job creation, workplace retention and tax benefits available to manufacturers and other businesses in the state. The event is being co-hosted by 5 Nines Automation, the sales organization serving Maruka customers in Florida and a leading provider of robotics and automation solutions to the manufacturing market.

"We're excited to offer a forum that will connect decision makers with innovators throughout the state," said Steven Fage, founder of 5 Nines Automation. "It should provide the ideal platform for discussion and debate about economic growth and job stimulation in our state."
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