Plastics makes packaging machinery cleaner, greener


Packaging machinery must run fast and perform a variety of functions from forming, filling, labeling, vision inspection and other highly automated actions, that must also be clean. That's why one primary packaging equipment manufacturer made the choice to replace metal recirculating ball bearings after they caused shaft damage and grease leaks with new DryLin R lubrication-free plastic linear bearings from igus Inc. on its packaging machines.

The packaging machinery company manufactures form-fill-and-seal packaging equipment to handle a wide range of products, from green beans, to candy, to detergent. Previously, the manufacturer used metal ball bearings in its machines, capable of reaching up to 160 cycles per minute - but the bearings were affected by dirt, dust and other contaminants that scored the shafts. They also required lubricating and reports were received of grease leaks on some of its machines.

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