Plastics machinery: Maguire’s MaxiBatch blenders drawing maximum attention


Pat Smith, VP sales and marketing at plastics auxiliary equipment manufacturer Maguire, cuts to the chase when he describes the positive impact that the company's MaxiBatch brand of blenders are having on the company's business. "It is the single fastest-growing portion of our business," he explains, with plastics compounders and extrusion processors eagerly installing the machines in their plants.

Good thing for Maguire it listened to the idea of one of its longstanding customers, explained Smith in an interview with PlasticsToday. He recalls how the customer, a processor of wood/plastics compounds (WPCs), told Maguire of its difficulties processing WPCs, as the compounds' high powder content meant blockages were a regular occurrence. The processor's "impassioned plea to Steve Maguire" led to the development of the MaxiBatch series, and the development of these has been a boon for Maguire's orders books. ...
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