Plastics in automotive applications: Carbon fiber parts in 3 minutes or less


That's the claim being made by Dow Automotive executives who spoke to PlasticsToday about the company's recently introduced Voraforce material for use in resin transfer molding of carbon fiber reinforced parts. The company also offers adhesive and other material solutions that can be combined with Voraforce so that carbon fiber reinforced parts become a more regular sighting in passenger vehicles.

Voraforce is the brand name of a new resin developed by Dow Automotive, designed for use with carbon fiber reinforcement. Carbon fiber has been in the new a lot in automotive circles as two major OEMs, Daimler and BMW, both have announced separate supply agreements with carbon fiber suppliers. Daimler is working with Japan's Toray, the market's largest supplier, and BMW stayed closer to home to partner with Germany's SGL Carbon. Carbon fiber is, pound for pound, stronger than steel, but is much less dense, meaning carmakers can use carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) to lower a vehicle's weight significantly without giving up any safety....
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