Plastics gaining market share in caps and closures market

A new report from UK-based Canadean Ltd aims to give insight into recent packaging innovations in the global caps and closures market related to key trends, drivers and issues. The constantly changing nature of packaging demand fom consumers and converters makes it difficult to understand exactly which packaging caps and closures will be the focus of future growth, the report stated. This report aims to clarify and quantify future demand patterns and the types of innovations best placed to exploit them, so packaging manufactures and suppliers can plan for the future.

"Packaging suppliers need to react to the changing demands of customers, consumers, and regulation in order to plan for the future," the report stated. "But it's not all cost reduction and lightweighting. Packaging needs to adapt to a more complex picture of how consumption needs vary by product category and its positioning. More specific product positioning by finished goods manufacturers and retailers in many cases means more specifically tailored packaging closures - creating opportunities for the industry."...

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