Plastics experts coming to your office: resin drying & moisture measurement, plus the ten principles of successful purging


We've a powerful lineup of free webinars and digital events lined up in the coming weeks. These events are easy to access from your computer no matter where you are, and are truly educational, not a sales spiel masquerading as free help.

First up is our Injection Molding Expert webinar on July 29, 2011 at 12:00 ET. During this webinar, internationally recognized injection molding expert Mike Sepe will discuss which materials require drying, methods of drying with their advantages and disadvantages, and proper moisture measurement. It's easy to register for the webinar here. If you work with PC, PET or other hydrophilic plastics, this 60-minute webinar is a great investment of your time. Mike's presentation will run 40-45-minutes, and then there will be time for you to ask your questions.

Just a few days later the experts from Asaclean are presenting on "The ten principles of purging." Purging is a hot topic for many reasons; those on the shop floor view it as a godsend, and say a good purge saves them time and money. The bean counters, though, sometimes worry about the costs. In this 60-minute webinar on August 3 at 14:00 ET, you'll learn the ten core principles of purging thermoplastic injection molding machines and extruders. Aspects of purging ranging from cost savings economics to environmental friendliness will be discussed....
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