Plastics bottles in the crosshairs of two packaging giants


Are plastic bottles' days numbered? Hardly, not anytime soon anyway, but blowmolders are wise to be aware of the competition, which in two recent cases is coming from well-known packaging firms. One, from tube machine manufacturer Aisapack, is essentially a thin-walled tube able to be hot filled. The other is a bottle/carton crossbreed developed by Tetra Pak.

In 2008 we reported on Aisapack's work with Sacmi on development of compression molding systems able to process barrier closures. That process was to use the Bacomex technology developed by Aisapack (Vouvry, Switzerland) for processing multilayer tubes incorporating ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) as a barrier layer. Aisapack's business is in manufacturing and marketing plastic tube-making machinery.

Now, Aisapack is pushing the tube development further with its Aisacan, a single serve beverage package that the company believes will be a hit among buyers of packaging for hot fill drinks such as juices and sports drinks. These Aisacans are comprised of rigid top and base sections with a flexible multilayer laminated film for the main body....
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