Plastics based on renewable resources run away from field for concept shoe from Bayer


Plastics supplier Bayer MaterialScience and shoe designer Simple Factory Group have developed a "green shoe" that replaces many petroleum-based plastics and materials with ones based on materials derived from renewable resources. The shoes would include polyurethane (PUR) based on natural resources, products for solvent-free coatings and adhesives, and a polycarbonate compound and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) based on renewable resources.

According to Bayer MaterialScience (BMS; Leverkusen, Germany), up to 90% of all components in the "Ecotrekker" concept shoe can be given eco-compatible properties by using the company's products. BMS operates a global footwear competence center in Shanghai, which develops materials and technologies for the shoe industry. Simple Factory Group is based in Guangdong, China, where it helps with design and testing of shoes and also with sample production and with outsourcing and management of full production runs.

Another element of the green shoe concept is microcellular PUR elastomer systems for outer soles and midsoles in which the proportion of renewable raw materials is as high as 70%. The polycarbonate (PC) compound could contain up to 40% renewable materials....
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