Plastics Pioneers and U-Mass Lowell launch endowed scholarship program


The Plastics Pioneers Association (PPA) has just named the first recipient for a new endowed scholarship program intended to last "in perpetuity," according to Vivian E. Malpass, chairman of the PPA's Educational Committee.

One of the main missions of the PPA, a 66-year-old association of individuals with at least 25 years of activity in the plastics industry, is to support plastics education. Typically the PPA disburses about $30,000 annually for 10 or more scholarships of $3000 each to undergraduate students in colleges and universities that offer courses in polymers or plastics.

The PPA scholarships are currently administered through the Society of Plastics Engineers SPE Foundation. Other PPA donations are made to support educational programs such as the SPE Plastivan and the Polymer Ambassadors "teach-the-teacher" program. The funds are approved annually and come from the PPAQ Education Fund, which includes income from investments and contributions by its members, which now number about 200.
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