PlasticsToday Senior Contributing Editor Clare Goldsberry inducted into Plastics Pioneers Association


PlasticsToday is very proud to announce that our own Clare Goldsberry will be inducted into the Plastics Pioneers Association next week during the organization's fall meeting in Pittsburgh, PA. In anticipation of the event, she recounts her long, strange trip through the world of plastics, which included covering a DEA bust of a company that was molding drug paraphernalia.

When I first started writing for and about the plastics industry, there was really no one writing about the business of plastics. Most of the information I was first handed in 1983 when I went to work for Tech Plastics—back in the day before it became a really big company and a division of West Pharmaceuticals—the content was pretty scientific. It was all about melt rheology and the articles were filled with chemical symbols, molecular structures and polymer chains that were—and pretty much remain—a mystery to me.
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