PlasticsToday’s Management Blog: View audits as a chance to shine


As the saying goes, change is a part of life. Leaders in the plastics processing, metalworking and related industries are always in the process not only of changing, but also improving the way they do business. In the past they operated on very narrow paths that ran between the various departments: Technical, Marketing, Operations and Government Issues. There was very little of what I like to call cross-cooperation between and among the issues and ideas relevant to the company and regulations, nor with customer requirements.

The new audit approach (risk-based) helps assess risk throughout an organization. To avoid fallout from quality issues, a company must have a complete understanding of what's happening at all locations. By using this new internal audit approach (first-party), with the help of an industry-specific/sector, hands-on consultant (second-party), it's possible to locate areas of weakness, regardless of where they occur, and fix them before they become bigger problems.

An internal or first-party audit is conducted by personnel from within an organization, either by department or quality function. It examines the system and records the results for internal eyes only. To avoid potential conflict of interest, the person performing the audit usually is independent of the department or process he is auditing....
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