PlasticsToday’s Management Blog: The Outsourcing of Quality and Compliance


So often I've seen more work being created, but not more productivity as a result. There needs to be a direct correlation between the two. Productivity should lead to an end result. Work leads to a paycheck that will be jeopardized if there is no productivity.

HR (human resources) and IT (information technology) today are common practices for companies to outsource; why not Quality? The very first requirement in any quality system is to have in place a clean housekeeping policy which has an effect on safety. Implement the popular 5S ASAP (as soon as possible). A new set of eyes from an outsider can be very beneficial. However, the outsider consultant/facilitator/project manager/trainer must be industry-specific for plastics to support company operating policies and financials, mainly improvements of the P&L statement....
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