PlasticsEurope: Patrick Thomas is new President

Patrick Thomas, CEO of Bayer MaterialScience, succeeds Jacques van Rijckevorsel as President of PlasticsEurope. The organisation's General Assembly elected him during the PolyTalk industry summit, which recently took place in Rochefort en Yvelines.

Patrick Thomas declared: "I am very excited to take on this new responsibility and work with the other steering board members to reach important targets such as a zero plastics waste to landfill”. He further added "The plastics industry is an important global player that contributes significantly to the three pillars of sustainability and we plan to work together with all other players to ensure that the European economy continues to thrive and to grow for the benefit of the society and without damaging the planet or overstretching our resources”.

The election was followed by two discussion panels on how the plastics industry can contribute to reaching the EU sustainability objectives. The two discussion panels were both labelled as satellite-events of the Green Week by the European Commission.

Graduated from the Oxford University with an engineering degree in 1979, Patrick Thomas began his career with British chemicals company Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI). He held various major positions in chemical companies ICI Pharmaceuticals and Agrochemicals and Huntsman Corporation, before joining Bayer MaterialScience in 2006. Along with his new assignment as PlasticsEurope's president, Patrick Thomas is chairman of the Oxford University Business Economics Programme Board (OUBEP), chairman of the advisory board of the European Institute for Industrial Leadership and non-executive director of the board of BG Group plc.

Patrick Thomas also warmly thanked Jacques van Rijckevorsel for his three year efficient and effective chairmanship during the difficult period of the financial crisis, and in particular for his instrumental support to the development of a global plastics industry programme to help shape solutions to the marine litter issue.